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The excellent site The Workhouse will tell you all you want to know about the Hampstead Workhouse and Poor Law Union. Just put 'Hampstead' into the search engine on the left, and you will get:

1881 Census: Residents of Hospital Buildings (Formerly Smallpox Hospital), Hampstead, London, Middlesex

1881 Census: Residents of Hampstead Workhouse, London, Middlesex

Benevolent and other Institutions

Countess of Ducie's Home for Ladies, 24 Parliament Hill Road
Female Servants' Home, 28 Church Row
Field Lane Certified Industrial School for Boys, West End
Field Lane Certified Industrial School for Girls, 9 Church Row
Hampstead Home Hospital & Nursing Institute, 3 & 4 Parliament Hill Road
Hampstead Reformatory School for Girls, Heathfield House, East Heath Road
The Orphanage, 2 Gayton Road
Soldiers' Daughters' Home, Rosslyn Hill
Society for Organising Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicity, Church Lane
School for the Blind, Upper Avenue Road
St Vincent's Orphanage, 4 Holly Place
Sailors' Orphan Girls' Home, Greenhill Road
Orphan Working School, Haverstock Hill
Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants, 1 Greville Road
Home for Invalid Orphan Children, 8 Tremlett Grove

The Penny Bank, Oriel Place. Begun by Miss Elizabeth Nevinson and Miss Anna Sharpe in 1879
Hampstead Clothing Club, founded 1836 by Mrs Hoare and Mrs Nevinson "to help the poor help themselves". Later, held in the Dispensary in New End. Stopped in 1919.

Volunteer Corps

3rd Middlesex A & B Company. Headquarters, High Street, Hampstead

Public Houses & Taverns

The Adelaide Tavern, 1 Adelaide Rd. 1851 census - Fred Vinall. 1885-6 - Frederick Vinall (who later took over the Old Bull & Bush). 1866-71 map - Wm Vinall. Demolished.

The Athenaeum, Vale of Health. 1885-6 Henry Braun.

The Bell, Hampstead. March 1827 - Thomas Morley, surety Joseph Gilkes, Hampstead. (I'm not sure if this refers to the Bell in Kilburn High Road, or whether there was a Bell in Hampstead?)

The Belsize Tavern, Upper Belsize Terrace. Built by Daniel Tiday, who also built The Washington. Miss E Tidey -  1874 directory.  1885-6 directory-  Mrs E Tidey. Jabez George Clarke - 1899 directory. Now a bar and Thai restaurant.

The Bird in Hand, High Street. Circa 1770. Closed down circa 1980s. March 1827 - William Storie, surety Henry Wells, High Street. August 1827 - Charles Franklin, surety Richard Harris, Hampstead. 1851 census - still Charles Franklin. 1855 directory - S Richardson. 1866 - Henry Maltby.  1874 directory - Henry Maltby. 1885-6 Thomas Burn Catherwood

The Black Boy & Still, High Street. March 1827 - Henry Wells, surety Robert Pilch, Hampstead. November 1827 - John Denyer, surety Richard Vince, Hampstead. 1855 directory - T Jewis. 1866 - David Putney.  1874 directory - David Putney. 1885-6 - H J Oxford. Demolished in Hampstead Town Improvements.

The Black Lion, Hampstead. March 1827 Joseph Gilkes, surety Thomas Morley, Hampstead.

The Bull & Bush, (see picture in Virtual Tour) North End Way. Circa early 1700s. Still open for business. 1793-1811 John Lyford. March 1827 - John Hare, surety James Peters, Hampstead. 1864 to 1892 -  Henry Humphries. 1905 - Fred Vinall

The Coach and Horses, Heath Street. circ 1720. Closed down some time ago. March 1827 - Thomas Roberts, surety Samuel Kendall, High Street. October 1827 - William Manns, surety John Davis, Hampstead Road. 1855 directory - C Eagle. 1866 -  Mrs Mary Ayres. 1885-6 -  R P Ware.

Cock & Crown, High Street. March 1827 - Mary Humphrys, sureties William Wells, High Street, and William Storie, High Street. 1866 - Henry Hoad 1885-6  - John Gurney Busbridge

The Duke of Hamilton, New End. Circa 1720.  March 1827 -  Thomas Barrett, surety Thomas Evans, Hampstead. 1851 census - Charles Shelly. 1855 directory - W Goulding. 1866 - William Goulding. 1885-6 - F W Smith.
1894 - Frederick W Smith


The Eton Hotel or Tavern. 143 Adelaide Rd. 1885-6 - Alfred Barker. 1866-71 map - Jas. Thompson. Became The Viceroy probably in the 1980s. Now The Adelaide.

The Lower Flask - see The Flask

The Upper Flask. The Annals of Hampstead put this at Heath House (now a private house) at no. 124 Heath Street. The Kit Kat Club used to hold their meetings there.

The Flask, Flask Walk. Still open for business. March 1827 - William Phipps, surety John Howey. 1855 directory - H Haward.  Hampstead.1885-6 - James Joseph Freeman. 1894 Mrs Mary Allison

The Fleet Tavern, Park Rd. 1885-6 - William Henry Williams

The Freemason's Arms, Downshire Hill. Circa 1820. Still open for business. March 1827 - John Saunders, surety Matthew Maynard, Pond Street. Mrs. M. A ALLEN - 1855 directory. 1874 & 1885-6 directory -   Rowland Hill.

The George, Haverstock Hill. March 1827 - John Howey, surety James Hall, Church Lane. 1885-6 H P Godsel.



The Green Man - see The Wells.

The Green Man North End. No further information as yet.

The Hare & Hounds, North End. Circa 1750. Demolished and turned into flats a few years ago. March 1827 - John Dotteridge, surety Charles Worrall, Red Lion Hill. 1874 directory - Giffard Haughton. 1885-6 directory -William Brett.

The Haverstock Hotel, Haverstock Hill. 1885-6 - A Blackmore

The Hawk, New End.  March 1827 - John Cannon, surety Louis Lorant, New End (a small beer house, opposite the side entrance to Burgh House. Became a private house).

The Holly Bush Tavern, (see picture in Virtual Tour)Holly Mount. Circa 1807. Still open for business. March 1827 - Thomas Buck, surety William Green, Hampstead High Street. 1855 directory - J Thomas. 1866 - Mrs Hannah Dale. 1874 directory - Henry Evenden. 1885-6 - C M Froud

The Horse & Groom, High Street. Circa 1720. Closed some years ago. March 1827 - Robert Pilch, surety Henry Wells, High Street.  1866 - William Davidge. 1855 directory - E Maxted. 1874 directory - William Davidge. 1885-6  - Thomas Davidge

Jack Straw's Castle, (see picture in Virtual Tour) North End Way, circa 1710. Closed and turned into flats in the last couple of years. March 1827 - John Hayter, surety Charles Brown, Hampstead. 1885-6 - John Lane. 1874 directory - Robt. Ware.

The King of Bohemia, High Street. Circa 1860. Closed down some time ago. March 1827 - William Green, surety Thomas Buck, Hollybush Hill. 1855 directory - J Avann. 1866 - Richard Henry Price. 1874 directory - R. H. Price. 1885-6 - Mrs Stanier. In 1680 it was known as the King of Bohemia's Head.

The King's Head, Church Lane. March 1827 James Hall, surety John Howey, Hampstead.

King William IV (formerly The King's Head), High Street.  Circa 1720. Still open for business. 1855 directory - T Ayres. 1866 Thomas Sinclair Langley. 1874 directory - T. S. Langley. 1885-6 - Thomas Smith

The Load of Hay,
Haverstock Hill. March 1827 - Elizabeth Padgett, surety John Bush, Well Walk. 1885-6 - William  Thomas Marsh. Now a gastropub called The Hill. The sign on the top says " Load of Hay Tavern rebuilt 1863". Originally called the Cart & Horses, according to Christina M Gee's book, and known as The Noble Art , due to the Boxing gym behind the pub, for a while. Reinstated as the Load of Hay in 1974.

The Magdala Tavern.  1885-6 - Charles William Howell. 1874 directory - Richd. Winmill. 1894 Georges Dawes. It was outside this pub that Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in England, shot her lover on Easter Sunday, 1955. Too small to see on this picture, but underneath the first window on the left, there are marks on the tiles outside that we are told are the bullet holes from her gun.

Nags Head, Heath Street.  March 1827 - Charles Brown, surety John Hayter, Hampstead. August 1827 - Richard Harris, surety Charles Franklin, Hampstead. 1855 directory -  H King.  1866 - Henry King. 1874 directory - Henry King. 1885-6 - John Hawkins. Called The Cruel Sea in the 1960s.

Noah's Ark - around 1713. No further information as yet.


The North Star, Finchley Rd. 1866-71 map - Stephen Puzey. 1885-6 - Ascot Lewis




Ye Olde White Bear, Well Rd. Circa 1700. Still open for business. March 1827 - Louis Lorant, surety John Cannon, New End. 1851 census - Frederick H Miller. 1855 directory - F H Miller. 1885-6 directory - Mrs Honora Utting. George Lees - 1874 directory.

The Perseverance, a small beer house at South End Green. No further information as yet.

The Prince Consort, Kings College Rd. 1885-6 Mrs Grace Gross

The Railway Tavern, South End Green. 1874 directory - Wm. Gardner. 1885-6 - William Matthews. Now called The Garden Gate.

The Red Lion, Red Lion Hill (now Rosslyn Hill). Demolished 1868. March 1827 Charles Worrall, surety John Dotteridge, North End. November 1827 - Richard Vince, surety John Phillips, Red Lion Hill.  1855 directory - W Harris.

The Roebuck Hotel, Pond Street. Circa 1860, Still open for business.  1866 - William John Tolladay.  1885-7 - G F Dettmer. 1874 directory - Paul Paris. 1894 - William J Harris.

The Rosslyn Arms, Rosslyn St. 1885-6 Frank Raggett. In 1874 this was called The Lord George.  Has been called the Bar Room Bar for a while, but I noticed only this week it has The Rosslyn Arms sign up again.

The Sir Richard Steele, Haverstock Hill. 1885-1886 directory - Henry Clifford




Shakespeare's Head
- Hampstead Heath. A newspaper article records the fact that a son of the proprietor was killed by lightning in 1765.

The Spaniards, (see picture in Virtual Tour) Spaniard's Road, circa early 1700s. Still open for business. 1855 directory - Thos. Clegg. J. Chapman. 1885-6 -  W J Hudson

The Stag, Fleet Road. 1885-6  - Henry Coffin. 1899 directory - Alfred Hancock.

The Stag.  Lawn rd. Haverstock bl. Hampstead. n.w. 1855 directory - Geo. Wadley.


The Swiss Cottage, Finchley Rd. 1866-71 map - William Crick. 1885-6 -  Alfred Savigear & Son.

The Three Horseshoes, Heath Street. March 1827. 1855 directory - S H Ellis. 1866 - George Wood. 1874 directory - Wm. Brett. 1885-6 - J Green. 1886 - John Ebenezer Wakefield. This was originally in Little Church Row, but was knocked down in the Hampstead Town Improvements in 1886 and rebuilt.

Vale of Health Tavern, (see picture in Virtual Tour)1866 - Horatio Orbell. 1874 directory - R. Titcomb. 1885-6 - Charles Peters

The Washington Hotel, Belsize Pk Gdns. C. 1865, still open. 1874 directory - Daniel Tidey, who built it. 1885-6 - F H Price. Amazingly enough, Daniel Tidey's great great great grandson, also called Daniel Tidey, runs it now.

The Wells Tavern or Hotel (formerly The Green Man). Still open for business (although not irregular marriages). March 1827 - John Bush (Green Man), surety Elizabeth Padgett, Haverstock Hill. August 1827 (Green Man) Henry Bolter, surety Susannah Holder, Great Russell Street. 1855 directory - W Hardy. 1885-6 -  Mrs Mary Ann Newton

The White Horse, Pond Street, South End Green. March 1827 - Matthew Maynard, surety John Saunders, New Town. 1855 directory - W Branscomb. 1866 - Jonathan Green. 1874 directory - E. J. Slingsbury. 1885-6 - Joseph Webster. Was called G K Aldwinckle's for a while.

The Yorkshire Grey, Yorkshire Grey Yard. March 1827 - Rebecca Miller, surety Thomas Buck, Hollybush Hill. 1855 directory - J Neal. 1874 directory - Henry Hawksley. 1885-6 - Henry Hawksley. Demolished in the Hampstead Town Improvements.

 (This section below extracted from British History online):-

On Hampstead High Street, between Pond Street and Flask Walk, in 1762, there were  3 public houses  - The Three Tuns, The White Hart, and The King's Arms. From Heath Street to New End,  The Sun (1756) closed late 1760s,  and The Fox. Among High Street inns which closed were the Haunch of Venison after 1731, The White Hart probably by 1762, The King's Arms between 1770 and 1800, and The Three Tuns between 1773 and 1800.  The Chicken House  became a lodging house by 1754  and after being licensed in the 1760s and 1770s as a public house acquired a dubious reputation. In Heath Street  the Upper Flask became a private house in the 1750s.  In the  area east of Heath Street, The Fox and Goose closed after 1773

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