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The A2a database contains a wealth of information pertaining to Hampstead residents. Below is a sample:

 INQUESTS - ref. COR/3/2       INQUESTS OF 1931

FILE - PERKINS - ref.  COR/3/2/1931/27  - date: 14 Mar 1931
            [from Scope and ContentJames Hope Perkins of 28 Parliament Hill, Hampstead, London NW3, insurance inspector; 42; at the foot of the cliffs opposite Roedean School; found dead, shock following multiple injuries due to falling over the cliffs, there being no evidence as to whether by intent or by misadventure; open verdict

             INQUESTS OF 1933

FILE - NICKELSBURG - ref.  COR/3/2/1933/56  - date: 6 Jun 1933
            [from Scope and ContentKurt
NICKELSBURG of 23 Primrose Hill, Hampstead, London NW, merchant; 38; at the Royal Sussex County Hospital; shock, internal haemorrhage and multiple injuries due to being knocked down by a motor car in Marine Drive, Saltdean, Brighton; accidental death

FILE - KNIGHT - ref.  COR/3/2/1933/115  - date: 1 Nov 1933
            [from Scope and ContentElizabeth
KNIGHT of 7 Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead, London NW3; bachelor of medicine; 64; at 13-14 Victoria Road, Brighton; heart failure due to streptococcal infection following an injury to the left elbow caused by deceased colliding with the side of a motor car whilst crossing Dyke Road on 15 Oct; misadventure.

Middlesex Sessions of the Peace, c 1350-1889

   Coroners' papers: Eastern district - ref. MJ/SPC/E

FILE - St John, Hampstead [Western District]: Thomas Goldsmith: Accidentally killed: Fell from scaffold - ref.  MJ/SPC/E/0347 [n.d.]

(From BDM) Deaths Dec 1905  
GOLDSMITH     Thomas Bertram     26     Hampstead     1a    417     

FILE - Hampstead [Western District]: Sarah Jones: Drowned herself while 'lunatic' - ref.  MJ/SPC/E/0359 [n.d.]

FILE - St John, Hampstead [Western District]: Susanna Workman: Drowned herself while 'lunatic' - ref.  MJ/SPC/E/0426 [n.d.]


FILE - Matthew Pitman at Hampstead Heath - ref.  MJ/SP/1737/09/86  - date: 1737 Sep


FILE - Elizabeth Maletrat - for selling gin costing three halfpence to Luke Brigis at Hampstead - ref.  MJ/SP/1737/10/108  - date: 1737 Oct


Middlesex Sessions of the Peace, c 1350-1889


   Coroners' papers: Western district - ref. MJ/SPC/W

FILE - Hampstead: John Taylor: Lunacy [suicide]: Drowning - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0159 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Elizabeth Randle, infant (4 years old): Accidental: Clothes caught fire - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0165 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Jane Brown: Found drowned - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0172 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Joseph Fletcher infant (7 years old): Accidental: Run over by cart - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0177 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Caroline Moore: Visitation of God [Natural death] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0393 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: James Pointer: Lunacy [Suicide]: Shooting - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0400 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Sarah Baynes: Visitation of God [Natural death] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0465 [n.d.]

FILE - St. John, Hampstead: Sarah Gabriel: Visitation of God [Natural death] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0661 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Unknown person: Died apparently for want - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0735 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: John Patrick: Hanged himself deranged - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0845 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Frederick Winkworth: Manslaughter - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/0936 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Samuel Hickman: Accidental: Drowned while bathing - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/1511 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Madame Isabella Horquies: Visitation of God; [Natural death]: [Decayed document] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/1595 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Mary Woodward: Visitation of God; [Natural death] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/1822 [n.d.]

FILE - Hampstead: Thomas William Green: Visitation of God; [Natural death] - ref.  MJ/SPC/W/1823 [n.d.]

Papers for 1748 - ref. MJ/SP/1748

FILE - Justices' conviction of Thomas Felder of Hampstead - upon information for using a coach without telling the Excise Office - ref.  MJ/SP/1748/10/098  - date: 1748 Oct

Papers for 1727 - ref. MJ/SP/1727
July         Bail Piece

FILE - For appearance of Thomas Salisbury of Hampstead. [no ref. or date]



A2a also contains the database of Records of Sun Fire Office (at The Guildhall Library). Here is a sample:

FILE  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544 [n.d.]
item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544/1175338  - date: 15 April 1834
       Insured: Samuel Remnant, High Street, St Giles, timber merchant and Henry White Jr, Hampstead, Middlesex, gent
      Other property or occupiers: Lownd Cottage, Hampstead, Middlesex (Low); De Rouse; Spring Cottage and St Michaels Cottage, Devonshire Hill,

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544/1175551  - date: 23 April 1834
       Other property or occupiers: Manor Farm House, Frognall, Hampstead, Middlesex (Robert Stone, farmer)
item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544/1181350  - date: 6 August 1834
      Insured: Robert Wilkins, Shalcotts, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, Middlesex, gent
item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544/1184625  - date: 5 November 1834
     Other property or occupiers: South End Green Hampstead
(John Vizard)

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/544/1184968  - date: 5 November 1834
       Insured: William Butler, 2 Well Walk, Hampstead
, Middlesex, gent

FILE  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528 [n.d.]

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1111610  - date: 7 September 1830
      Insured: John Thompson, Frognall Priory Hampstead Middlesex, esq

 [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1113834  - date: '17 November 1830
       Insured: Margaret Graham, Haverstock Hill Hampstead
Middlesex, schoolmistress

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1121231  - date: 4 March 1831
     Insured: Sophia Bacon, Clifton Cottage Downshire Hill Hampstead
Middlesex, widow

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1123412  - date: 28 April 1831
      Insured: George Murray, Haverstock Hill Hampstead
Middlesex, gent

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1123476  - date: 6 May 1831
      hit[from Scope and ContentOther property or occupiers: 1 (Nelson chandler); 2, 3 (Spenceley painter), 4 Alpha Place Hampstead Middlesex; North End Hampstead

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/528/1123642  - date: 12 May 1831

FILE - Policy register - ref.  MS 11936/477  - date: 1818-1819

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/940223  - date: 24 March 1818
       Insured: General Moore Disney Roslyn House Hampstead

   item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/940930  - date: 27 April 1818
       Insured: Thomas Lowndes Hampstead Terrace Hampstead
Middlesex esq

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/942211  - date: 13 May 1818
       Insured: Priscilla Lepper Holly Bush Hill Hampstead

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/944382  - date: 9 September 1818
      Insured: Samuel Sotheby on The Heath Hampstead
Middlesex gent

 item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/948060  - date: 14 December 1818
       Insured: Stephen Mallard 2 Heath Mount Hampstead
Middlesex gent

item:  [no title] - ref.  MS 11936/477/951289  - date: 3 February 1819
       Insured: John Cunningham High Street Hampstead
Middlesex gent



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