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Kentish Town

A hamlet and chapelry in the parish of St. Pancras, in the Holborn division of the hundred of Ossulston, according to gazetteers.

For a full history, see British History Online and type Kentish Town in the search box.

Home to many well known music venues, such as The Forum and the Bull & Gate, as well as many fine pubs.

Kentish Town was also home to one of the first false teeth factories in the UK and known for piano making.

Unfortunately, lately, parts of Kentish Town have been referred to in the local papers as "The Bronx". The residents of the real Bronx are pretty annoyed about this, as they reckon The Bronx is actually pretty nice and tame, compared to Kentish Town.

Gospel Oak

The Gospel Oak - literally an oak tree under which the gospel would be read during the annual ceremony of the beating of the bounds. It was shown on local maps as late as 1840, and was on the west side of what is now Southampton Road near the present railway bridge.

Kentish Town Baths

The once beautiful Kentish Town Baths with their first and second class entrances, now a sad crumbling ruin awaiting refurbishment, if they can ever agree the plans.




Benevolent Institutions

The Governesses' Asylum, Prince of Wales Road

Tailors' Benevolent Institution, Queen's Crescent - 1870 map

The Boys' Home Certified Industrial School, Regents' Park Road- 1870 map


Kentish Town Chapel. Opened several centuries ago. Rebuilt several times. Replaced 1784. Became known as St John the Baptist Kentish Town parish church. Rebuilt 1845. Made redundant 1993 and became used by the Christ Apostolic Church UK.

(photo by Camden Council)


Hope Chapel, Prince of Wales Road. Has the date 1871 on the front. Church of Christ.



Holy Trinity, Hartland Road. (1850)

Congregationalist: Kelly Street (1848). Haverstock or Gospel Oak


Haverstock Congregational Chapel, Maitland Park Rd. Now 7th Day Adventist.



Wesleyan Church, Lady Margaret Road, now RC. (1864)

Primitive Methodists, Grafton Road (1867)
Primitive Methodist, Anatola Road, Dartmouth Park Hill
Primitive Methodists, Carlton Road, Oak Village, Gospel Oak

Baptist Chapel, Highgate Road  (corner of Chetwynd Road).  Closed for a long time and currently being turned into apartments.


Catholic Apostolic, Gordon House Road, Highgate Road (now Greek Orthodox)
St Dominic's


St Martins, Gospel Oak. 1865

I was very surprised to find this beautiful church still standing, hidden away in a wasteland of ugly modern council estates.




The War Memorial in St Martin's Church

To the men of this church and parish who fell in the great war.

R H Anderson F Edward S L Norton
W E Adams C A Evans A Orford
J A Ambridge E G Fowler A P Priestley
A J Anderson H Forsdike A E Pike
W R Alderman A T Flowers E H Palmer
H Aligum W E French F A Pomroy
V Amey A H Goodyear J T Phillips
R Allgrove A E Grosch A Pickering
G Watkins P Gibson W B Riley
W H D Allbright R E J Geddes A S Roland
C R Bradbury A G Harris C H Redwood
R B Barker T S Hatt W G Ravenhill
F Barton A E Humphreys J C Rogers
J F Baxter T Hiscock E Robinson
A E Bevan A H Hurley D Rouch
H J Bremer T Hoskins A Rogers
G J Burke T G Howard C H Samsa
G T Brenchley G C Holmes W A Scown
A W Beeton F E Hembery A Smith
W F Boddy W R Harris F J Smith
T Barton A Humphries E W Smith
H Barnett A Hammond J Skelton
H Baldwin J Jackson T W Savage
J Bell A R Jennings E W Tee
W Barton W H Kirton A Tucker
S H Burns J H Kirton C H Thorpe
G Bushell S P Kirton J Thomas
H A S Colclough J W King A E Taverner
E Currie G Knowlton A Taylor
H Cole J Korinek H Timms
H Cove W E Landeryou E F Vile
C Clewley C Lovegrove F J G Walton
W S Dann H J Landeryou R F W Walton
W Dorsett A H Lancaster C J Williams
G F Dansee E Mitchell A Wells
H W Dios G Mills A C Wood
B Davidson H R Martin A Warren
H J Daniels F North W Westbrooke
S E Eastoe T Nash F J Watts
A E Uinton W J T Scutchings W F Young
W H Amies A Board E Charlton





Wesleyan Methodist Church, Prince of Wales Road



Wesleyan - Kentish Town Circuit, Lady Margaret Road
Wesleyan, Agincourt Road, Gospel Oak
St Martins, Allcroft Rd, 1865.

Free Christian (Unitarian) Church, Clarence Rd (1855)

St Andrews, Malden Rd (1856)

St Lukes, Oseney Crescent (1869-1956)

St Barnabas
, Kentish Town Rd (1885) (from 1957 St Andrews Greek Orthodox church) Grade II listed building


St Silas the Martyr, Shipton Place (Now St Silas Place). (1884)

Highgate Rd Baptist Chapel, (1877)

Luther Tyndale Memorial Church, 9 Leighton Crescent (1896)
Trinity Presbyterian Church, corner or Buck Street & Kentish Town Road


Ackland School, Fortess Road
Burghley Road Central, Highgate Road
The Burghley, Burghley Road

The Governesses' Asylum, built 1849, altered about 1879 for the Camden School for Girls. The railings came from another building entirely.







Gordon House Academy
, Gordon House Road/Highgate Rd.

Southampton House Academy (1828)

Miss Barber, school, 8 Queen's Crescent- 1867 directory

Misses Blagrove, school, 11 St Mark's Crescent - 1867 directory

Miss Browell's preparatory School (1799)

Mrs E Burford, school, 2a Priory Street - 1867 directory

Mrs MacDona, school, 121 Queen's Crescent - 1867 directory

Misses Miller, school, 16 Prince of Wales Road - 1867 directory

Miss Harriet Clement, school, 19 Prince of Wales Road - 1867 directory

Mrs Francis, school, 43a Prince of Wales Road, - 1867 directory

Mrs H Thomas, school, 2 Rochester Road  - 1867 directory

Holmes Road Board School

Gospel Oak Schools, Allcroft Rd, later William Ellis School. Moved to Highgate Road in 1937.

Elementary & Middle Class Training Schools, Wilkin Street (1864)

The Orphan Working School, Maitland Park Road (1847)





The Assembly House, Kentish Town Road (1898) Grade II listed building

(photo by Camden Council)



 Bull & Gate, Kentish Town Road (1871) Grade II listed building

(photo by Camden Council)


The Chalk Farm Tavern, 75 Regent's Park Road - 1867 directory - John Latham Cornish

The Crown, 150 Prince of Wales Road Thomas Mitchey - 1867 directory

The Dreghorn Castle, 157 Queen's Crescent - Wm P Hummerston - 1867 directory

The Grafton Arms, 20 Prince of Wales Road - William James Green - 1867 directory

The Junction Tavern, 1885-6 Directory- Benjamin Acres.

The Murray Arms, 28 Rhyl St  - John L Percy - 1867 directory

The Prince Albert, 11 Princess Terrace1867 directory - James Pierce

The Prince of Wales, 63 Prince of Wales Road 1867 directory - William Suter

The Princess of Wales, 22 St George's Road - George Rebbeck - 1867 directory

The Queen's Arms, 2 Queen's Crescent - William Stevens - 1867 directory

The Queen's Hotel, 49 Regent's Park Road 1867 directory - Frank Redmond

The Wheatsheaf. 1874 directory -  Jas. W. Axtell,  59 Haverstock Rd, NW5


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