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This is a name index to the Times Digital Archive 1785-1985. and other papers from the Gale Collection. If you have access to this archive, you can use this information to find the relevant article yourself.

 You can either browse, do a Control+F search on the name of your choice, or use the search engine on the home page. I realise I forgot to put the name of the paper on some entries, but I think you can assume that if it doesn't say the name of the paper, it's The Times.

World and Fashionable Advertiser London, Thursday, April 26, 1787; Thursday last, at Hampstead, Mr W H Mortimer, gunsmith to his Majesty, to Miss White of that place were married

World and Fashionable Advertiser London, Wednesday, May 9, 1787; Monday, Mr Hayes, apothecary, at Hampstead died

World and Fashionable Advertiser  London, Tuesday, June 12, 1787;  Sunday at Hampstead, after a lingering illness, Miss Langham, oldest daughter to Sir James Langham, Bart

World and Fashionable Advertiser London, Monday, September 3, 1787; On Thursday, at Hampstead, Mrs Elizabeth Henckell

World and Fashionable Advertiser London,  Monday, October 1, 1787. Mr Jackson, the Judge Advocate of Jamaica, who died at sea, was buried at Hampstead

 World London,  Thursday, June 19, 1788; Yesterday morning was married at Hampstead church, Dr Storey, many years physician to the Nabob of Arcot, to Miss Gillis, daughter of the late Major Grace Gillis, of Madras. 

World  London, Monday, August 4, 1788; Amateur Harvery late of Hampstead, schoolmaster, to surrender. Bankrupt. July 8th Henry Hand, late of Highgate, victualler, bankruptcy superceded. 

World London, Friday, August 15, 1788; Issue 509.Monday last at Hampstead, Thomas Grady Esq of Harley Street

World London, Friday, November 7, 1788.Yesterday morning, at Hampstead, Cornwall Smalley Esq of Throgmorton St, to Miss Tierney of Hampstead. 

World London,Wednesday, January 7, 1789; One Friday last was given by a few inhabitants of West End Hampstead, three hundred weight of beef and a quantity of coals, to the poor of that Hamlet – a  laudable example which we hope will be universally followed at this inclement season, when the working man cannot gain bread to his family. 

World  London,Tuesday, August 4, 1789; Friday last in Church Street, Hampstead, Mrs Buffer.

 World  London, Monday, August 31, 1789; Tuesday last at Hampstead church, Mr Abraham Underdown of Holborn Bridge, to Miss Jane Fisher of the same place, married.

 World London, Saturday, October 17, 1789;  Birth early yesterday morning, the lady of Richard St George Mausergh St George Esq, of a son, at Hampstead.

 World  London,  Monday, October 19, 1789; Friday morning as Mr Daubigny of St James’ St was returning from his country house, near Hampstead, he was stopped by a single footpad, near Mother Red Cap’s and robbed of his gold watch, two guineas in gold and some silver, with which the footpad got clear off.

 Oracle Bell's New World  London, Tuesday, November 3, 1789;  Joseph Wheeler, a native of Horsham, married his mistress at Hampstead, an amorous but antiquated widow..

 World  London,  Tuesday, November 17, 1789;  Sunday, at Hampstead, Mrs Letitia Cromwell.

 World  London,  Monday, December 7, 1789; IOn Thursday at Hampstead, Mrs Rumsey, wife of Mr Thomas Rumsey Esq

World London, Friday, July 2, 1790; Yesterday at Hampstead, in the 23rd year of his age, Mr Thomas Smith, son of Mrs Mary Smith, of the Carpet Warehouse, Holborn, after a long and painful illness.

 World London, Monday, July 12, 1790; IMarried Wednesday last, at Hampstead, Mr W Bowling, of Piccadilly to Miss Ann Clayton of Margaret Street, Cavendish Sq. 

World London,  Thursday, August 19, 1790;Died yesterday at Hampstead Mr Francis Diggan, an eminent apothecary of St Albans Street

The Times, Friday, Nov 25, 1791; Yesterday was married, Mr. WESSELS, of Hoxton, to Miss DRESLER of Hampstead.

 London,  Monday, May 9, 1791;  Died, Friday at Hampstead, Mrs Ann Mallory, a widow lady aged 81. 

World London,  Monday, May 16, 1791;  Died at Hampstead on Saturday morning, the infant daughter of Mr Incledon of Covent Garden Theatre 

World London,  Thursday, September 1, 1791; I Died Geo Vaughan Esq of Hampstead. 

World  London,  Thursday, September 15, 1791; Saturday at St Mary Aldermary, Charles Pilgrim Esq of Bow Lane to Miss Tegermeyer of Hampstead

World  London, Monday, November 14, 1791;  Wednesday, Mr W Johnson, poulterer, in Flask Walk, Hampstead died.

World London,  Thursday, August 9, 1792;  On Monday night at his house in Hampstead, Captain Henry Ball of His Majesty’s navy, after a painful illness.

 Oracle London, Tuesday, September 11, 1792; Died on Friday at her lodgings at Hampstead, of consumption, Mrs Fryer, wife of Mr G Fryer of Chancery Lane, Stationer.

 World  London, Wednesday, October 31, 1792;  On Friday at Hampstead of an apoplectic fit, Mrs Elizabeth Tensh? Or Teush

WorldLondon,  Thursday, November 1, 1792;. Died at her house at Hampstead, Mrs Herne, a maiden lady in the 82nd ? year of her age.

World London, Thursday, November 15, 1792; On Monday last at the house at Hampstead, Mrs Elizabeth Cromwell, eldest and only surviving daughter of the late Richard Cromwell Esq of Lincoln’s Inn. 

Courier and Evening Gazette London, Wednesday, November 27, 1793; Married on Wednesday last at St Peter’s Cheap, Mr John Elliot of Goldsmith St, Cheapside, to Miss Brome, niece of Edmund Brome Esq of Hampstead.

World  London,  Thursday, March 6, 1794; On Friday, Mrs Ann Robinson of Warren Place, Hampstead died. Married on Monday Jeremiah Olive Esq of Suffolk Lane, to Miss Holford, only daughter to Josiah Holford Esq of Hampstead.

The Times Monday, Oct 12, 1795;  Joseph Bodkin, late footman to Mr. Ardesoif, of Hampstead, and who stood charged with burglary (News)

Bell's Weekly Messenger London,  Sunday, January 11, 1801; Died on Tuesday morning at his house in Hampstead, in the 68th year of his age, John Peter Blaquiere Esq, many years one of the directors of the Royal Exchange Assurance Company.

Morning Post and Gazetteer London, Thursday, October 30, 1800. Birth on 19th inst the lady of Samuel Gambier Esq, at his house in Hampstead, a daughter.

Porcupine London, Wednesday, December 10, 1800; Issue 36. Died on Saturday last, at Hampstead, Thomas Rundell Esq of Bath. 

Porcupine London, Tuesday, December 16, 1800; Issue 41. Birth 15th inst, the lady of Thomas Neave Esq, of a daughter at his house in Hampstead

Sun London,  Wednesday, March 5, 1800; Died on Wednesday last, at Hampstead, Mrs Smalley, wife of Cornwall Smalley Esq 

Oracle and Daily Advertiser London,  Monday, July 8, 1799. Died Thursday last at Hampstead, Sir John Anstruther, Bart, of Anstruther

Courier and Evening Gazette London, Wednesday, September 4, 1799;  Married the 12th inst at St Luke’s, Chelsea, T Pennock Esq to Miss Cartwright, eldest daughter of the late Edward Cartright Esq of Hampstead, Middx

Oracle and Daily Advertiser, London, Friday, November 15, 1799. Married Wednesday at Hampstead, Mr Samuel Brawne of West End to Miss Ricketts, of Surrey Place, Kent Road 

Oracle and Daily Advertiser  London,  Saturday, January 25, 1800. George Stevens Esq, editor and commentator upon Shakespeare, died at his house at Hampstead on Wednesday last, in the 65th year of his age.

True Briton London,  Saturday, February 9, 1799;  On Saturday last at Hampstead, Mrs Langford, relict of the late Robert Langford Esq of Ensham Hall, Oxon

Sun London, Monday, February 25, 1799; 21st inst at Hampstead in her 82nd year, Mrs Montagu, widow of the late Edward Montagu Esq of the same place.

Sun London,  Friday, March 8, 1799; On Tuesday last at Hastings, Frederick Francis North Esq of Hampstead, to Miss Eliza Whitear, daughter to the Rev William Whitear.

Oracle and Daily Advertiser London,  Wednesday, December 19, 1798; Died last Sunday morning, Mrs Abel, the wife of George Abel Esq at his house at Frognal, Hampstead. Sunday morning last at Kentish Town, Captain John Walsh, senior, one of the oldest superannuated officers of the British Navy.

Oracle and Daily Advertiser London, Wednesday, January 2, 1799;Saturday last at Hampstead in his  88th year, Thomas Ramsey Esq, late of the Excise Office.

Oracle and Daily Advertiser London,  Wednesday, January 16, 1799. Died Wednesday last at Hampstead, Mrs Leggatt aged 76. 

True Briton London,  Thursday, September 13, 1798;Died on Saturday last at Clifton after a lingering illness, Mrs John Wilson, late of Hampstead.

True Briton  London,  Friday, September 14, 1798; Died on Monday at Hampstead Mr Janaway, Goldsmith & Jeweller of Cheapside


 Oracle and Daily Advertiser London,  Tuesday, November 13, 1798; Sunday last Daniel Vanderzee Esq of Hampstead to Miss Aberdein, daughter to Mrs Mayor, Mark Lane.

True Briton London,  Thursday, May 31, 1798; Died on Sunday near Hampstead, Captain Gwennap of the Royal Navy.

 Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Wednesday, July 19, 1797; Died on Monday at Hampstead in the 87th year of his age, Ignatius Gahagan Esq of Soho Square

True Briton  London, Friday, July 21, 1797; Married on Saturday 1st inst at Hampstead church the Rev Samuel White of Hampstead to Miss Isabella Saunders

True Briton London,  Monday, September 25, 1797, Birth on 22nd inst Mrs Plumer, wife of Thomas Plumer Esq of a daughter at Hampstead.

 Oracle and Public Advertiser London,  Friday, October 6, 1797. On Tuesday last as Mr Sebastian Thomas, the master of The Spaniards at Hampstead, was walking over the Heath with a hard  in his hand, which he was taking as a present to a gentleman, he suddenly fell backwards and expired……... Verdict – Visitation of God. The deceased had kept the Spaniards for many years and was much respected.

True Briton London,  Wednesday, October 25, 1797. Married on Wednesday last at Hampstead, Mr W Chater of New End to Miss Lucy Henrietta Blanchard of Charles Street, Long Acre.

 Oracle and Public Advertiser (London, England), Thursday, November 2, 1797; On Monday was cut in the garden of Mr Hanson in Belsize Lane, Hampstead, a cucumber which weighs 56/lb10 oz, in 27 inches long, 38 ½ in girth. There are two others of the same plan, nearly 40lb each.

Oracle and Public Advertiser London,  Wednesday, November 15, 1797. On Sunday at Hampstead, the lady of James Stirling Esq, a daughter.

 Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Monday, February 26, 1798. On Friday, Mrs Fisher, wife of Mr Fisher, Church Row, Hampstead.  

Yesterday at his house at Hampstead, Thomas Longman Esq, many years an eminent bookseller in Paternoster Row, but who had retired from business for some time.

 Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Thursday, March 30, 1797. Lately at Hampstead, Mrs Oxnard.

Morning Post and Fashionable World  London, Monday, October 3, 1796; On Friday, suddenly, at West End, Hampstead, Mrs Cooper, wife of Mr David Cooper, silk mercer, Holywell St

Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Wednesday, October 26, 1796;  On 11th inst Mrs Blake of Gloucester Place New Road, formerly Mrs Mills of Hampstead.

Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Friday, November 4, 1796; John Stokes Esq of Hampstead to Miss M Morrison, youngest daughter of  James Morrison Esq of The Tower. Sunday last at Paddington, Mrs Neville, wife of R A Neville Esq of Billingbear in Berkshire, youngest sister of Marquis of Buckingham.

Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Wednesday, November 9, 1796;Thursday last at Hampstead the infant son of the Hon Spencer Perceval.

Morning Post and Fashionable World  London,  Thursday, May 19, 1796 . On Sunday last at Hampstead, Henry William Guyon Esq

Oracle and Public Advertiser London, Thursday, July 21, 1796; Died On Sunday, near Hampstead, Mrs D’Arcy wife of Thomas D’Arcy, Captain in the Somerset Militia. 

Morning Post and Fashionable World  London, Monday, August 15, 1796; Died on 6th January in the East Indies, Mr Edward Longman aged 21, second son of Thomas Longman Esq of Hampstead.

Morning Post and Fashionable World  London,  Thursday, January 7, 1796; Died suddenly at Hampstead, Henry Creed of Norfolk Street, Strand.

True Briton London,  Friday, January 8, 1796; Old Admiral Barton who lately died at Hampstead, had long since passed his grand climacteric; but he soothed the cares of life, even to the very last, by two tender hearted females, whom, however, he could not keep at peace with each other.

General Evening Post London, Thursday, April 30, 1795; On Tuesday last at Hampstead, John Hooper Esq to Miss Ann Davis both of Box, Wiltshire

 True Briton London,  Saturday, August 22, 1795; On Saturday last at Hampstead Richard Holbrook jun, surveyor to the Crown, of Keppel Row, New Road, St Pancras, to Miss Elizabeth Sharp of Hampstead.

The Aberdeen Journal Aberdeen,  Wednesday, July 7, 1802; At Hampstead John North Boydell Esq to Miss Ogilvie. Daughter of John Ogilvie Esq of Argyll St.

 The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Wednesday, June 27, 1804; At Hampstead in his 48th year, Geo Noble Esq of the Royal Navy

The Times, Friday, Oct 31, 1806; pg. 4;      Births At Hampstead on the 20th, the lady of Captain J F Bayliff, a son. 

The Times, Friday, Mar 27, 1807; pg. 4;      Marriages: on Sat last at Hampstead, Mr Henderson of Kennington to Miss  Blashford of Change Alley, Lombard St.

The Times, Wednesday, Nov 01, 1809; pg. 3; Marriages: On Monday at Hampstead Mr H Headley, surgeon, of Cambridge, to Miss Larby of  Hampstead. 

The Times, Friday, Sep 14, 1810; pg. 3; Deaths: On Tuesday Sept 4th at Hampstead,  Mrs Susannah Townsend of Church St, Spital Fields. 

The Times, Tuesday, Oct 08, 1816; pg. 3;   Deaths at Margate on St 5th inst Frances d/o John Thompson Esq of Frognell Priory, Hampstead. 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 10, 1816; pg. 3; : Births On Wed at West End, Mrs John Miles of a son. 

The Times, Wednesday, Apr 30, 1817; pg. 3;  Deaths On Sun morning last, at his house at Hampstead, Josiah Holford, in the 91st year of his age.

 The Times, Tuesday, Aug 12, 1817; pg. 3;   Deaths On Sat last, at Hampstead in his11th year, after a long and painful illness, George William, only s/o the late Major George Wright of the Hon. East India Company

 The Times, Tuesday, Oct 07, 1817;  Deaths On the 2nd inst at sea, deeply and justly regretted, Henry Davidson Milligan Esq, 3rd d/o the late Robert Milligan Esq of Rosslyn, Hampstead. 

The Times, Monday, Nov 17, 1817; pg. 4;      Births on Sat the 15th inst at Golders Hill, Hampstead, the lady of Archibald Little Esq of a son.

The Times, Thursday, Sep 18, 1817; 17th ins Mr Wm Selby aged 40 of Kilburn died     

The Times, Friday, Jan 09, 1818; pg. 3;  Deaths. On 7th inst after a few day’s illness, Mary 2nd d/o Mr Chater of Hampstead. 

The Times, Wednesday, Apr 15, 1818; pg. 3;   Marriages On 4th inst Henry Clark Esq to Mary Ann eldest d/o Joseph Clark Esq of Hampstead, Mddx 

The Times, Thursday, Jul 30, 1818; pg. 3;  Deaths On Sat am  at Hampstead where she had gone for the benefit of her health, aged 64, Mrs Lloyd of Gt Ormond St, widow of the late Gamaliel LLOYD Esq.



The Times, Friday, Dec 25, 1818; pg. 3;     Marriages On Monday last at Hampstead, Charles Miller Esq paymaster of the Royal East Middx Reg to Jane, eldest d/o the late Thomas Padget Esq of the above place. 

The Times, Wednesday, Jan 06, 1819; pg. 3;    Deaths At Madras, 17th July last, Edward Coxe Esq  aged 42, s/o the late Edward Coxe Esq od Hampstead Heath. 

The Times, Saturday, May 22, 1819; pg. 4;  Deaths On 18th inst at his brother’s in Dyer’s Buildings Holborn. Mr George Strachan aged 35 s/o Mr Robert Strachan late of Hampstead, stationer.

 The Times, Friday, Jun 18, 1819; pg. 3; Marriages 17th inst at Hampstead Frederic Albert Winsor jun Esq of  Shooter’s Hill to Catherine eldest d/o John Hunter Esq of Brunswick Sq. 

The Times, Friday, Aug 27, 1819; pg. 4; Marriages on 26th inst at Hampstead, Mr Andrew Baden of Tottenham to Eliza Ann 2nd d/o late M Thomas Wild of Cannon St. 

The Times, Thursday, Jun 01, 1820     Births At his house in Willesden, the lady of John Kentish Esq of Antigua a son 

On 8th inst at Willesden, R Finch Esq of the Royal Mint, to Miss Franklyn, eldest daughter to R Franklyn of the Royal Mint  The Times, Thursday, Aug 10, 1820      Marriages 

On 8th inst at Kilburn Priory, Sarah Garrard, widow of the late Mr Robert Garrard of Panton St, Haymarket The Times, Saturday, Oct 09, 1824;      Deaths 

On 19th inst at Hill Cottage, near Willesden, Emma w/o J P De La Fons Esq of George Street Hanover Sq The Times, Monday, Feb 23, 1829;     Deaths

The Times Wednesday, Apr 10, 1833;  MARYLEBONE-OFFICE.-Elizabeth Ferrington, 55, Drummond-street, Hampstead, was charged by Elizabeth Day       

The Times Monday, Nov 07, 1836; ;col E MARYLEBONE-OFFICE.-Mr. E. P. Sutton, a solicitor residing at Hollybush-hill, Hampstead, was charged on Saturday     

Marriage Wed Sept 26 1832. On Tuesday 25th inst at Kensington Church John Wall Buckley of Kilburn to Elizabeth, eldest d o the late Thomas Burton of Great Russell St, Bloomsbury

Death Wed Jan 16th 1833. On 7th inst at Kilburn, Middx, Mr William Thomas, late of Ledbury, Herefordshire.

 Death Tuesday, Nov 04, 1834. On Sunday 2nd inst at Kilburn, Isabella, w o John Gun Esq, surgeon 

Wednesday, Sep 16, 1835. On 15th inst at Christchurch St Marylebone, Mr William Limond Watson of the Priory, Kilburn, to Ann d o the late Major C H Powell of the Madras Army. 

Friday, Jan 22, 1836. On Thursday 21st inst at the house of her son in law Mor Toller, Conduit St Hanover Sq, Mrs Jarvis of Kilburn, Middx, in her 56th year.

 Tuesday, Aug 30, 1836. 26th inst at Hampstead Church by the Rev Augustus Pyne, William Pyne Esq of Kilburn to Eliza, 4th d o the late Francis Kirkpatrick Esq of Rathmoon, county of Wicklow. 

Friday, Sep 16, 1836. On 13th inst at Kilburn, agd 13, Blondina Matilda, 3rd d o the late Mr Robert Coles of Wigmore St. 

Monday, Jun 26, 1837. On 23rd at Kilburn, Mrs J J Scoles of Argyll Place, of  a son. 

Wednesday, Mar 18, 1840. On Sunday 15th at his residence, 6 Kilburn Priory, Mr John Bullock of 19 Duke St Grosvenor Sq, aged 69. 

Wednesday, Sep 02, 1840; At St Pancras new church on 1st inst Henry, 4th s o T Harris Esq of Cromer Cottage, Kilburn, to Margaretta Frances Mary, eldest d o W H S Penley Esq of 21 Mornington Cres, Regents Park. 

Sept 7 1840. At St John's Church Paddington, on Monday the 31st ult, Henry Gaudin Esq, civil Engineer, Australind, to Annette Josephine Mawbey, youngest d/o The Rev W G -? rector of Idicote. On the 3rd inst at Willesden Church, by the Rev J B Marsden rector of Tooting, Richard Marsden Reece Esq of Furnival's Inn, to Caroline, 2nd do of W H Smith Esq, of the Strand, and Kilburn House, Middlesex. At St George's, Hanover Square, on Saturday 5th inst, James Dignam Esq of Kilburn Priory, to Elizabeth, eldest d o John Stubbs Esq of Maddox St, and grand daughter of the late James Welch Esq of Taunton, Somertset.

9 Nov 1840. 5th inst at St Georges Hanover Sq by licence, Selina, 2nd d o late Thomas Swinburn Esq of Kilburn to Jules Rochat Esq 

6.4.1841. On Saturday 3rd inst at his house at Kilburn, Robert Edlin Esq of St James St, aged 67. 

Saturday, Aug 07, 1841. At Hampstead Church on 5th inst, Joseph Fallows Esq, solicitor of Kilburn Wells and no. 13 Piccadilly, to Mary Ann eldest d of John Large Esq also of Kilburn Wells 

Monday, Jan 17, 1842 On the 14th inst at no. 7 Beaufoy Terrace Kilburn Priory, Mrs Hogarth aged 84. 

Monday, Jul 08, 1844. 5th inst at Kilburn in the 85th year of her age, Hannah, relict of the late Nathaniel Chater Esq of St Dunstans Hill and Upper Clapton, Middx 

Tuesday, Sep 30, 1845; 27th inst at St Johns hackney, Charles, s o S Rogers Esq Greville Place, Kilburn to Emily 2nd d o Mr C Thompson of Dalston. 

29 Aug 1846. On 27th inst at St Pancras Church, by the Rev John Jackson, rector of St James, Westminster, William F Browell Esq of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, to Louise, d/o William Cooper of The Grove, Kentish Town.

25th April 1848. On the 22nd Inst, suddenly, Miss Tilby, of Gloucester Place, Camden Town, aged 49, sincerely regretted by all who knew her. On Sunday 23rd inst, at his residence, Greville Place, Kilburn, and also of Burdon, Richard Oundell Esq, aged 51.

Oct 5th 1848. At Kilburn on Sunday 1st inst, after 2 days illness, Herbert Lincoln, son of George Smith of 57, Conduit St, aged 11 months. On the 3rd inst at Hampstead, Blanche Mary, d/o David Powell Esq, aged 3 yrs.

Tuesday, Sep 30, 1845; 2nd inst at Hunter St, Brunswick Sq, of rapid consumption, Harriett, only surviving d o the late Joseph Allen Esq and gd of the late Thomas Webster of Kilburn Wells, aged 18 

Times Mon Jan 28 1850 At Maulmein on 6th Oct 1849 Lt  Edward Haines of the Hon EIC’s Eingineers, 3rd s/o the late John Haines of Hampstead.

 22nd inst at Grove House, Highgate Katherine Anne, w/o Mr James Dix of 135 Windmill St, Gravesend, and d/o the late William Payne Esq of the Island of Barbadoes.

Feb 6th 1850.  On the4th inst at Highgate Mrs Beaumont, a daughter 

On the 4th inst at The Mount, Hampstead, Mrs Joseph Tatham, a son 

On the 4th inst at Oakley Square, St Pancras, the w/o William Cunningham Glenn Esq, barrister at law, a son

March 18th 1850. On 4th inst at Frognall. Hampstead, and for many years of High Street Marylebone, Mr Robert Stone, in his82nd year.

Monday, Mar 04, 1850.  27th ult in Finchley Rd, Regents Patk, Mary wid of late John Ratcliffe Esq of Cheltenham. 28th ult at Kilburn Middx Benjamin Burdett in his 73rd yr. 1st inst at 50 Arlington Street Camden Town Mr Edward Wright in his 60th year. 

Mar 26th 1850  On 24th inst, Sophia, beloved w/o John Scott Esq  of 9 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, in the 59th year of her age.

April 2nd 1850  On 30th ult at Heath Mount, Hampstead, the lady of Alfred Ray Esq, a son.


Friday, May 17, 1850. Tuesday 14th inst at his residence at Kilburn after a long illness, Samuel Hancock in his 83rd yr. 

Monday, May 20, 1850. 17th inst at 37 Finchley Rd, Georgina Frances, w/o Mr Christopher Cuff in the 36th yr of her age. 17th inst suddenly, Mr Thomas Smith of 99 Edgware Rd Paddington aged 55. 17th inst at Clifton, to the inexpressible grief of his family, John George Swindell of 3 Kilburn Prior in the 25th year of his age. 

June 1st 1850  30th Ult, at Hampstead, Mrs Thomas Butcher, a son.

June 6th 1850  On 3rd inst at 6 Chalcott Villas, Adelaide Rd, Hampstead, the w/o Mr Augustus Northcote, a son.

Saturday, Jul 06, 1850 Thurs 4th inst at St Pancras Church Euston Sq Christopher Bicknell of Kilburn and Connaught Terrace, solicitor, to Ruth, only d o David Thomas esq of Grove Terrace, Upper Kentish Town 

Jul 27th 1850  On 25th inst at Christchurch, Ecclestone, Henry, eldest s/o Joseph Chater Esq of Old Grove House, Hampstead to Mary, eldest d/o William Pilkington Esq of Ecclestone Hall, Lanacashire

Friday, Sep 06, 1850. 4th inst at Willesden Church Joseph 3rd s o Thomas Peters Esq of Kilburn, Middx, to Mary Edridge, eldest d o Charles Watson of the same place. 

17 Dec 1850. 11st inst at Blomfield Rd Maida Hill, the wife of Austwick Westbrook Esq of a daughter. Sunday 15th inst at no. 6 Osnaburgh Terr, Regents Park, the w o Augustus P Oldershaw Esq of Doctors Commons, of a son. 15th inst at Highgate Hill, the wife of John L Tatham Esq of Lincolns Inn, of a daughter. 15h inst at Kilburn, the wife of John Lewis Merrivale Esq, of a daughter. 16th inst Mrs H D Abercrombie, Stanhope St, Regents Park, of a son 

Mar 13, 1851. 11th inst at The Terrace, Kilburn, the w o Hubert F Turner Esq of a son.

The Times Saturday, Sep 07, 1861: The Dreadful Collision On The Hampstead Junction Railway. The Inquest. James English, wife Emma & child; Charles Standing; Mr Allen’s wife Elizabeth; George Greenwood of Alloa (?) Terrace,  identified his two dead sons Charles Greenwood, 11, & Henry Greenwood, 7; James Ricks of Walcot Place, Kennington Road identified body of Mary Sellis, 28, unmarried, his wife’s sister; Mary Elizabeth Turner of Prince’s Mews, Sth Kensington, identified the body of Clara Clements, 44, unmarried, her cousin; Henry Stacey, Bromley, Bow Rd, identified Eva Stacey, 11, his daughter; Thomas Saunders of Harrow Terrace, Bow, identified body of Richard Saunders, 29, his brother;  James Hills of Portland St, Stepney, identified body of Edward Hills, 32, his brother;  William Thomas Yeoman of Patterson St, Stepney, identified John Yeoman 44, his brother; Rhoda Oliver; Clara Clements

The Times, Thursday, Apr 21, 1864; ATTEMPTED SUICIDE.-At the Hampstead police - Jacob Pattison 

The Times, Wednesday, Sep 20, 1871; Missing From A Hospital. The Hampstead Smallpox Hospital-Ex Parte Elizabeth Bellue In Re The Metropolitan Asylum District Hampstead Hospital. 

The Times, Thursday, May 13, 1875; At Hampstead, Mabel, Lady Palmer, of 15, Fairfax Rd, St Johns Wood & Eugenie Maitre 

The Times, Wednesday, Oct 06, 1875; At Hampstead, Edward Cawthron, 31, smith, and Thomas Wise, 21, charged assaulting Police Sgt Capp 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 07, 1875;  At Hampstead, William Pantell, 11,  & John Lovuch, 11, charged 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 14, 1875; At HAMPSTEAD, EDWARD SPENCER, potman at the King William Fourth, charged with barbaric cruelty 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 28, 1875;  At Hampstead, Francis Harding, 39, jeweller, no home, charged

The Times, Thursday, Jan 01, 1880;  At HAMPSTEAD, ELIZABETH TOCOCK, respectably dressed,  charged 

The Times, Wednesday, Sep 01, 1880;  At HAMPSTEAD, THOMAS GREGORY, 41, deserting his children

The Times, Thursday, Sep 09, 1880;  At HAMPSTEAD, Mr. HENRY BRAUN, disqualified from holding a licence.

The Times, Thursday, Sep 16, 1880; At HAMPSTEAD, GEORGE LAY, 39,  charged with causing the death of Ellen Jackson, 42 

The Times, Thursday, Sep 30, 1880; At Hampstead, George Williamson, alias Gooch, 32, charged 

The Times, Thursday, Dec 09, 1880; At Hampstead, Henry Wood, 22, labourer, charged

The Times, Monday, Mar 20, 1882;  At HAMPSTEAD, ANDREW LEACH, 30, barrister-at-law, charged assaulting Annie Naomi Bird 

The Times, Thursday, Apr 06, 1882;  At Hampstead, Mr. Charles Mason, son of Mr. Newcomb Mason charged 

The Times, Saturday, Apr 29, 1882;  At HAMPSTEAD, HENRY WHITE, 12, an inmate of the Field Lane Industrial School charged 

The Times, Thursday, Jun 29, 1882; At HAMPSTEAD, SIDNEY TURNER, 13, charged 

The Times, Thursday, Jul 13, 1882;  At HAMPSTEAD, ROBERT BROWN, summonsed 

The Times, Thursday, Jul 27, 1882; At HAMPSTEAD, GEORGE BELLAMY, and Thomas Curzon, charged assaulting John Thomas Burr & Richard Morgan 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 03, 1882;  At HAMPSTEAD, ROBERT WILLIAMS charged  

The Times, Wednesday, Aug 09, 1882; At HAMPSTEAD, JAMES HERBERT, 14, no occupation, charged stealing from Mary Ann Hiscock 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 10, 1882; At Hampstead, William Winyard, junior, Edmond Moore & James Dellar charged 

The Times, Thursday, Nov 02, 1882; At HAMPSTEAD, Mr. SUTTON SHARPE, Mr George Pritchard, Mr George W Potter, his sons Herbert George Potter, 13 & Francis John Potter 11, NS William Cook summonsed 

The Times, Tuesday, Nov 07, 1882; At Hampstead, James Adams, 36,  charged assaulting Fanny Hodsden 

The Times, Thursday, Dec 28, 1882; pg. 10; At HAMPSTEAD, JAMES DIXON, 60, charged assaulting Frederick Harrison 

The Times, Thursday, Feb 08, 1883; pg. 3; At HAMPSTEAD Petty Sessions, HANNAH ROOTS, widow charged with neglecting her children 

The Times, Wednesday, Mar 28, 1883; At HAMPSTEAD, WILLIAM CORHAM, 19, costermonger, charged stealing from James Webb 

The Times, Thursday, Apr 12, 1883; At HAMPSTEAD, THOMAS BARRY, 24, no fixed home, & Kate Mulvey, 28, charged stealing from her husband, Francis Mulvey.

 The Times, Thursday, May 17, 1883; pg. 12; At HAMPSTEAD, WILLIAM DOWE, of Wells-buildings, summoned 

The Times, Thursday, Jun 14, 1883; pg. 4; I At HAMPSTEAD, EDWARD RICHARDS, 26, a letter-carrier Drunk & incapable 

he Times, Thursday, Jul 05, 1883; pg. 10; At Hampstead, Mr. George Pritchard, summonsed 

The Times, Thursday, Jul 12, 1883; At Hampstead, Mr. Maurice St. Clair Long, summoned as Mr Edward Long assaulting Walter Casterton, cab driver. 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 23, 1883; At HAMPSTEAD, ENOCH MAGGS was summoned  

The Times, Thursday, Aug 30, 1883; At HAMPSTEAD, Mr. DAVID SPENCE, summoned

The Times, Thursday, Sep 13, 1883; At HAMPSTEAD, WILLIAM PAUL, chimney sweep, William Edward Penn, ditto & Thomas Rhodes Williamson summoned

 The Times, Thursday, Sep 20, 1883; At Hampstead, Eliza Theodesea Hill, 18, charged 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 04, 1883; pg. 3; At Hampstead, Walter James Rawlings, charged with endangering Mr H C Gray 

The Times, Thursday, Nov 08, 1883;  At HAMPSTEAD, JAMES ROWE, a young man, was summoned assaulting Charles Halsey 

The Times, Thursday, Nov 15, 1883; At Hampstead, Charles Palmer and Arthur Archer charged

The Times, Thursday, Dec 27, 1883; At Hampstead, Edward Burton, 49, labourer, no fixed home charged stealing property of John MacDonald

The Times, Saturday, Dec 29, 1883; The same Coroner held an inquiry at the Hampstead Workhouse re death of female child of Emma Worledge.

The Times, Wednesday, May 23, 1888; At HAMPSTEAD, OWEN NEWMAN, 33, labourer, charged

The Times, Wednesday, Jun 13, 1888;  At HAMPSTEAD, GEORGE FISHER, 42, charged assaulting John Ladell 

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 31, 1888;  At Hampstead, Francis John Davidson, 34, charged

The Times, Thursday, Aug 02, 1888; At HAMPSTEAD, EDMUND TOMS, builder charged

The Times, Thursday, Oct 25, 1888; At Hampstead, Augustus Matthews, 28, charged trying to commit suicide 

The Times, Tuesday, Oct 28, 1890;  The Murder At Hampstead. Mary Eleanor Pearcy 24, charged for killing Phoebe Hogg & Phoebe Hanslope Hogg aged 18m  

The Times, Wednesday, Mar 28, 1894; At HAMPSTEAD Police-court, yesterday, EDWARD Staunton charged 

The Times, Thursday, Mar 29, 1894; At Hampstead, George Bocater, 22, otherwise Lloyd, charged stealing from Mr Michele Criscuolo 

The Times, Thursday, Apr 05, 1894; At Hampstead, William Osborne, 17, Walter Ringe, 18, and George Roberts 17 charged 

The Times, Monday, Aug 06, 1894; At Hampstead, Alfred White, 27, labourer, charged attempted suicide 

The Times, Thursday, Nov 29, 1894;  At HAMPSTEAD, ROBERT BOSS, and Seymour S Abelson fined 

The Times, Thursday, Feb 07, 1895; At Hampstead, John Masters, 20, & Thomas Goodman 19 stealing property of Mr Lewis T Dibdin 

The Times, Thursday, Apr 18, 1895; pg. 11; At Hampstead, Arthur Paul, alias Augustus Pohl, 40 charged 

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 23, 1895;At Hampstead, Alfred North, 34, labourer, wounding Edwin Poole 

30th April 1897. On the 28th April at 2 Randolph Crescent, W, by the very rev, The Chief Rabbi, assisted by the Revs R Harris and I Samuel, Ludwig Heilbrunn, of Frankfurt-o-Main, to Elma, only d/o Louis Adler, of the above address. On the 28th inst at Christchurch, Brondesbury, by the Rev C Dale Williams, William Bennet, younger son of the late John Andrew, of Liverpool, to Lillian, youngest d/o the late C F Ackerley of Buenos Aires, and Mrs Ackerley of Brondesbury. On the 29th inst at St James Paddington, W, by the Rev Louis Bredin Delap, Ernest, 5th s o the late Mr George Faulkner of Manchester, to Jessie Hilda, d o the late Mr William Frederick Graham of Elm Grove, Carshalton, Surrey and of Mrs Graham, 3 Westbourne Terrace, W. On the 28th inst at St Marylebone Church by the Rev H W Cam, Rector of Birchangor, Essex, assisted by the Rev Canon Barker and the Rev Cyril W Holland, uncle of the bridegroom, William Francis Claude, son of William J Holland, late of Camley, Maidenhead Thicket, to Kate Gilbey, d o Charles Gold, MP, of 17 Cumberland Terrace and the Limes, Stanstead, Essex. On the 29th April at St James Paddington, by the Rev R C Bacon MA, rector of Gilston, Herts, assisted by the Rev C Bosanquet MA, vicar of Ch...? Folkestone,  The Rev C H Winter MA, rector of Eastwick, Herts, son of the Rev G W Winter of Swaffham, Norfolk, to Florence Winifred, 3rd d/o the late Frederic William Moore and Mrs Moore, of 41 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, W.

The Times, Thursday, Sep 26, 1895;  At Hampstead, Charles Downey Richardson, re his child Maria Elizabeth 

The Times, Wednesday, Jun 06, 1900;  At Hampstead, Samuel Walker, 28, assaulting PC Pike

The Times, Thursday, Aug 02, 1900; pg. 13; At Hampstead, Caroline King, 29, Wife of a postman charged stealing 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 30, 1900; pg. 10; At HAMPSTEAD, JIM PETTIFER, 20, a brass finisher, charged 

The Times, Saturday, Jan 19, 1901; The Hampstead Shooting Case. John Bellis aged 24 shot in the head. Maud Amelia Eddington, single, 22, on remand. 

The Times, Thursday, Oct 31, 1907; The Hampstead Railway Accident. Inquest Opened. Deaths of William George Belham, 24; James Smith, about 50; Frank Brunning 24. William John Hollis, 33, signalman, charged with manslaughter. 

Jul 15, 1909. On the 7th inst, at the Synagogue, Upper Berkeley St, Philip P Lewis of 44 Anson Road, Cricklewood, elder s/o Mr & Mrs J Lewis of Warwick Avenue, to Agnes Dixon, youngest d/o the late Charles D Aria, and of Mrs Aria, Chatsworth Road, Brondesbury. On the 14th July at St Paul's Church, Avenue Rd, Regents Park, NW, by the Rev Joseph Reed MA, Vicar of Great Bedwyn, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon Ford, MA, vicar of the parish, the Rev Trevenen James Reed MA, rector of Huish, Wilts and chaplain of Froxfield College to Kate Wright, widow of the late William Wright of Thurcaston House, Leicestershire, and d/o the late W.S. Grepe of Dawlish, Devon. On 14th July at Holy Trinity Paddington,  by the Rev Cyril White, Vicar, Charles Francois Simond, 2nd surviving s/o Francois Frederic Simond, to Adgie, 2nd d/o Mrs Gray of Durban, Natal.

24 September 1910. On 22nd inst at his residence, Mowbray Dene, Chesham Bois, Bucks, William Alfred Pryor, late of Kilburn and Brondesbury NW, aged 64 years. Service at Trinity Wesleyan Church (opposite Willesden Green Station) on Tuesday 27th inst at 2pm. Interment at Paddington Cemetery, Willesden Lane, 2.30pm. Will friends kindly accept this intimation. On the 22nd Sept 1910, after an operation, Mary Louisa (Daisy), the beloved w/o Martin S Skeffington, of 6 Leinster Mansions, Hampstead, and Rotherfield, Sussex. Funeral on Monday, at St James's Church, West Hampstead at 12.20 and afterwards at West Hampstead Cemetery.

The Times, Tuesday, Jun 06, 1911; Charge Of Shooting At Hampstead. Thomas Smith, 21, charged shooting Charles Darvill, Charles Hicks, Sarah Tuvey; George Goldsmith hit on the head 

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 25, 1913;  Death By Starvation. Women's Existence In A Hampstead House. Alice Yeates, 51,  Jane Yeates her sister, 57. 

The Times, Wednesday, Aug 27, 1913; The Pistol Accident At Hampstead. Army Medical Officer's Death. Major George Johnstone Buchanan, RAMC, 48. His wife Eliza gave evidence 

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 24, 1914; Child's Body Buried On Hampstead Heath. Man And Woman Charged. Archibald Cameron, 43 & Sarah Childs, 31, charged with death of Annie Childs, 3m 

The Times, Saturday, May 23, 1914; The Hampstead Outrage. Swiss Waiter Charged With Robbery And Attempted Murder. Kasper Jacob Esterman 21, charged robbery from Ether Newbatt 

The Times, Friday, Jul 30, 1915; Hampstead Murder Charge. A Witness's Talk With The Prisoner. Richard Gorges, 42 charged with murder of Detective Alfred Young 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 07, 1919;  Hampstead Bicycle Thefts. Benjamin Walmsley 45, charged with receiving. Edward George Plummer, 17 and Edward James Sullivan, 15 charged with theft 

The Times, Tuesday, Sep 16, 1919; Penal Servitude For Policemen. The Hampstead Burglaries. Thomas Maxwell 35 & Alfred Shaw, 31, police officers, sentenced. 

The Times, Thursday, Dec 18, 1919; Hampstead Betting Raid. John King, 47, fined 

The Times, Monday, Jan 12, 1920; Hampstead Heath Pests. John Lee, 19, assaulting Mrs Louisa Burleigh

The Times, Thursday, Feb 05, 1920; Weak Whisky At Hampstead. Sidney Conrad Strube licensee of Wells Hotel, Percival Strube, and Edith Gill charged for selling underproof whisky. 

The Times, Tuesday, May 18, 1920; Cook. Butler. And Mistress. Domestic Scene At Hampstead., Claim For Assault., King's Bench Division. HARLEY AND WIFE v. PETRE AND WIFE. Mr & Mrs Philip Frank Harley, butler and cook against Mr & Mrs Reginald Bernard Petre. 

The Times, Tuesday, Feb 27, 1923; Alleged Arson At Hampstead. Children In Peril. Ernest Strutt, 35 charged with endangering Mrs Rachell Watts and her four children. 

The Times, Thursday, Apr 12, 1923; Chemists Fined. Hampstead Council's Test Prosecution. William Browne & Co, Finchley Rd. 

The Times, Thursday, Aug 30, 1923; Hampstead Butler's Death. William Thomas Graham 58 

12th May 1924. On the 8th May at 48 Buckley Rd, Brondesbury, John E Hazelton, for 46 yrs the esteemed secretary of the Aged Pilgrim's Friend Society. Funeral service at the Aged Pilgrims Home, Hornsey Rise, N19, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11.45, Interment Finchley (Islington) Cemetery. No flowers by request.

The Times, Thursday, Sep 02, 1926; Hampstead Housebreaking Charge. Detective's Story Of Arrests. James Baron, 29; Albert Edward Mays, 31 charged  with B&E the house of Henry J Ahern 

The Times, Monday, Dec 19, 1927; Inquest On Mother And Son. Jury's Verdict At Hampstead. Bodies of Mrs Bertha Blair 47 and son Allan James Blair 15, shooting. Robert Blair, husband, gave evidence. 

The Times, Thursday, Sep 19, 1929; Litter-Thrower Fined Paper On Hampstead Heath Mrs D Dilke 

The Times, Friday, Aug 29, 1930; Ready-Money Betting Hampstead Man Sentenced To Imprisonment Mark Brandon and W Sullivan summoned 

The Times, Monday, Jan 09, 1933; Hampstead Murder Charge. Theodosios charged murder Dr Angelos Zemenides.

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